Think Outside of the Box!

Stop posting the same things on Facebook!

Every day I see people sharing the same posts across Facebook. I know it can be tempting! You feel you need to post anything so it keeps your account active, saves you time and it makes it easier to share content.

BUT on the other hand, it comes across as fake and lazy… we see the same pictures, the same quotes, the same interaction quotes, even the same fonts and text! How are you expecting to have a real conversation with your followers if you can’t create your own content?

By not being original, you will lose engagement… Your audience probably follows the same people you are “getting your inspiration from” and they will see the same things over and over again. It gets boring.

Think about this: The time you think you’re saving by doing this isn’t worth losing your audience’s attention and respect.

After all, if it looks like you don’t care about what you’re posting on your wall, why should they?

Lots of love,

xx Ana

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