This is Why I Don't Like Recruitment Incentives (Rant Alert!!)

If you are a network marketer and you work the same way in terms of recruitment either when your company is having a recruitment incentive or not, this is NOT for you, so you can stop reading now!

But if you go all crazy contacting everyone and nearly forcing friends, family, neighbours, the cat and the dog to join your team every time your company runs a recruitment incentive, please read this until the end!!

Answer me this question: Do you want a real team or numbers under you? And here’s another question for you: Do you prefer to have 5 hard working people on your team or 50 that never show up and literally just signed up so you could win that incentive?

I would want a real team! I would prefer a million times to have 5 or less hard working people under me than having even 10 that are not bothered! You know why? Because having a “big team” for the sake of having it brings you ZERO pounds! Actually, you might end up losing money! It’s a waste of time to recruit people just to have names under yours and time is money!

Think about the time you would waste messaging them, convincing them about the opportunity, then signing them up, training them, follow up and then PUFF!

What’s the point of recruiting your mum or your sister if they are not going to do the work? Are you going to work for them? I’ve heard that one before and you know what happened? NOTHING!!! They both quit because it was all FAKE! And people can’t live on a lie forever…

My point with all of this rant is this: be ethical. Be real. Create your team in a real way and train them to follow the same steps.

That is what inspires people and grows your business!

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