“For my part, I am almost contented just now, and very thankful. Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart, but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever.”

Charlotte Brontë





If I ask you what you’re grateful for in the present moment, do you have an answer ready?

Can you easily recall the small moments in your day that bring you the most joy and contentment?

The simple habit of reflecting on what you’re grateful for can lead you to a happier life.

The Gratitude Journal is intended to be used as a prompt for your personal gratitude reflections and as a support for habits of gratitude.










Did you know that Gratitude...

  • can open the door to more relationships?

  • can improve your physical health?

  • can improve your psychological health?

  • can enhance empathy and reduce aggression?

  • can help you to sleep better?

  • can improve your self-esteem?

The Gratitude Bundle

What's included:

  • 1 Gratitude Journal with:

    • 2 articles/guides

    • 30 days of gratitude

    • 26 prompts for gratitude self reflections

    • 4 blank pages for your notes

  • 1 pen

  • 1 checklist

  • 1 voucher

  • 2 self care treats

  • 1 invitation to an online training or course 




Lovely service from Ana, purchased the gratitude journal. Fast delivery, beautifully packaged. And with a few extra touches. Can’t wait to get started filling this in! thank you


I loved it . Today’s was what is your favourite thing to do at weekend (...). Makes me realise how important it is to have this time together away from the working week.

Writing on a Notebook


Yes I would defo recommend this! It’s such a lovely little book and makes doing daily gratitude super simple Thank you for making this.

What's included in the March Edition?​

  • The Gratitude Journal with

    • 10 Easy Ways to Express Gratitude

    • 5 Creative Ways to Show Your Gratitude to Loved Ones

    • 30 Days of Gratitude

    • 26 Prompts for your own Personal Gratitude Reflections

    • Positive Inspirational Quotes related to Gratitude

    • 4 blank pages for your notes

  • 1 Pen

  • 1 Self Care Checklist

  • 2 Self Care treats

  • 1 Voucher

  • 1 invitation to an online training